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The C.A.L.Sonic Studio

Music & Sound for Pictures

We create music for your images

It is in the control room that most of the creative processes are developed and carried out. A wide range of tone generators and signal processing effects can be accessed to bring the artistic flow to life, guitar amps connected directly to the system enable straight forward recording of diverse sounds from “Clean” and “Crunch” to “UltraGain”.

If microphoned guitar- or bass combos are preferred, these can be set up in the adjacent recording room, that provides enough space for an entire drum set or vocal recordings as well as voice-overs to a synchronized video image. The Mackie recording desk (Inline 32/8), with its excellent EQs, offers sufficient sockets for a multitude of microphones.

The core of the studio is defined by the ProTools Mix³ system from Digidesign with the specifically for the software designed remote console, the ProControl. With this high-end and all-encompassing solution all occurring tasks within HardDisc-Recording can be executed fast and with as little fuss as possible. Digitally connected to the ProTools system are various devices by Lexicon and t.c.electronic.

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  • James Tocco

    James Tocco


    "This is to assert that Mr. Christian Lemmer, who participated in my master class during the Schleswig-Holstein Festival, is a gifted pianist, a serious, conscientious musician with good pianistic form ... "

  • "During our work together I have always held the highest regard for Mr. Lemmer´s artistic intelligence as well as his musical and pianistic ability. ... "

  • Christian Kratzert

    Christian Kratzert

    Animation Supervisor at Scanline VFX - Munich

    " Since 2006, I have been working for the VFX firm „Scanline VFX“, which is well-known world-wide for its complex visual effects for international movie productions. I gained access to my ... "